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Dust Systems

For dust extraction units that utilise biomass boiler systems, contact Dust Systems

Dust Systems


When installing dust extraction systems, we often include biomass boilers that help take advantage of waste. These biomass boilers not only help dispose of dust and wood, but turn it into a viable, sustainable energy source.


We manufacture biomass boilers and furnaces with moving grates for fuel up to 55% moisture complete with pre-heating zones and automatic tube cleaning.

Dust Systems

For energy-efficient biomass boiler installation, contact Dust Systems


We provide professionally installed, energy-efficient and durable industrial biomass boilers. Our boilers have been fitted in several key locations across Ireland and the UK, providing premises with a great choice of sustainable heating and wood waste disposal.


Our previously installed boilers include 300kw hot water boilers and 600kw waste-to-energy boilers


Our biomass boilers come fitted with ceramic filters. Ceramic filters are available for flue gas emissions below 10mg/m3


Ceramic filters are ideal when used with a biomass boiler, making sure that unnecessary elements are effectively filtered out before burning, making it easier to clean when needed.

Dust Systems

For highly-effective ceramic filters, contact Dust Systems


We are agents for two Danish boiler manufacturers: Linka Boiler and Danstoker. We work closely with these partners to provide excellent, high-quality biomass boilers and furnaces to customers throughout the United Kingdom.


We use Linka Boiler for boilers rated 20KW to 300KW, and we use Danstoker for boilers rated 300KW to 6000KW

Dust Systems

For high-quality, energy-efficient biomass boilers courtesy of Linka Boiler and Danstoker, contact Dust Systems


What is the benefit of a ceramic filter?

Ceramic filters are great for filtering out unwanted elements prior to burning so that cleaning biomass boilers is easier when needed.

What boilers have you installed previously?

We have previously installed industrial biomass boilers such as 300kw hot water boilers and 600kw waste-to-energy boilers.

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