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Dust Systems

For briquetting systems that recycle waste, contact Dust Systems

Dust Systems


Briquetting is a key element of waste management and recycling. It helps you recycle all discarded biomass and materials into burnable briquettes for fuel sources and heating.


Our dust extractor systems that we’ve installed previously have featured briquetting systems. Our briquetting systems are suitable for furniture manufacturing plants, joinery manufacturing plants and more.

Dust Systems

For more information about dust extraction systems with briquetting, contact Dust Systems


Our briquetting systems are fully capable of creating charcoal briquettes from wood, biomass and other materials.


These briquettes can be repurposed in other heating systems or as fuel sources for other machinery.


When you’ve disposed of sawdust, you can feed the material into the briquetting system to create sawdust briquettes.


These briquettes can be used as fuel for various kinds of machinery, and are quickly produced by the briquetting system.

Dust Systems

For quickly-made sawdust briquettes, contact Dust Systems


Our briquetting technology is provided to us by the German manufacturer Zerbrik Briquetting Technology.


Through collaboration with our international partners, we are able to deliver excellent briquetting technology as part of our dust extraction systems across the United Kingdom.

Dust Systems

For a company that collaborates with trusted briquetting manufacturers such as Zerbrik, contact Dust Systems


Where can I find briquetting for sale?

We provide briquetting systems as part of our dust extraction systems to commercial customers throughout the United Kingdom.

What kind of briquettes are made from the briquetting system?

Our briquetting systems are able to make briquettes such as charcoal briquettes and sawdust briquettes.

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