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Dust Systems

For energy-efficient and versatile dust extraction systems, contact Dust Systems

Dust Systems


Dust Systems have over 40 years of experience providing professional, affordable and customer-focused dust control solutions to customers throughout the United Kingdom.


We closely examine your premises prior to all of our installation work to figure out how to customise the dust control system to your needs. We aim to meet your needs while providing a solution that is more energy-efficient than conventional dust extractor systems.


For example, energy savings of up to 70% can be achieved over conventional systems by using a combination of easy-flowing duct design with a larger fan and a generous amount of filter size.

Dust Systems

For more information on the best dust extraction system for you and your business, contact Dust Systems


Our dust collector units are designed and installed to suit your needs, and can be adjusted if needs be.


For example, the fabric filter units are modular and are fitted with automatic regeneration.


Continuous cleaning or automatic regeneration filter units are used when large volumes of dust needs to be filtered or when the system works on a 24/7 basis. A dragline conveyor is used for high-throughput filter units. Clip-on ducting with smooth bore is used for quick installation or alteration.


We use high-quality dust filters and dampers when installing our dust extraction units. In particular, we use eco-dampers.


Environmentally friendly eco-dampers contribute another percentage of energy savings compared to conventional dust extractors. However, all aspects of our dust control system design play a part in energy reduction.

Dust Systems

For energy-efficient dust filters, contact Dust Systems

ATEX Rated Fans

All components in our dust extraction systems are ATEX rated, including our fans.


We use high-efficiency fans when extracting dust. All the fans are self-cleaning, inverter-driven, and speed controlled. These fans can have 92% efficiency and ramp up and down according to requirements.

Dust Systems

For energy-efficient dust filters, contact Dust Systems


What is a dust extraction system?

A dust extraction system help with the extraction, filtration and disposal of dust from facilities such as woodworking plants and factories.

What kind of dust filters do you use?

In our dust extraction systems, we use eco-dampers as an energy-efficient alternative to conventional dust filter components.

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