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Dust Systems

For safe and preventative spark suppression in dust extraction systems, contact Dust Systems

Dust Systems


All of our dust extraction systems come with built-in spark suppression capabilities, making sure any sparks that come from biomass or gas are quickly suppressed.


These are both active and preventative measures that aim to keep your system safe and operating smoothly, avoiding sparks that may lead to fires or explosions.

Dust Systems

For spark suppression that aims to stop fires from sparks, contact Dust Systems


Our systems also come with preventative spark detection capabilities. These alert the system to sparks that may have arisen from high gas or biomass temperatures, and can ensure no fires will arise.


The implementation of competent spark detection and suppression systems helps prevent on-site disasters, such as storage silo fires.


However, at Dust Systems we ensure that all aspects of the systems are aware of multiple points of failure when processing waste. Spark suppression and detection systems are one aspect of a system that aims to be safe, energy-efficient and professionally installed.

Dust Systems

For dust extraction systems designed to avoid silo fires and other disasters, contact Dust Systems


What is a spark detection system?

A spark detection system helps detect the presence of sparks when hot gas or biomass has been heated, preventing numerous on-site disasters.

How do you prevent storage silo fires?

Storage silo fires, amongst other disasters, can be prevented by having a high-quality dust extraction system installed by the professionals at Dust Systems

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