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Dust Systems

For highly effective kiln dryers, contact Dust Systems

Dust Systems


Kiln dryers provided by Dust Systems are customizable elements of our dust extraction system.


They are specifically designed for fast drying of softwood and hardwood timber, and their drying speeds can be easily adjusted by modifying the heater battery and airflow.


Our kiln dryers include features like heat treatment and fan speed control for energy efficiency. They are capable of fork truck or carriage loading.


These systems are easy to use and able to be controlled accurately by on-site computer systems.

Dust Systems

For more information on our kiln dryer systems, contact Dust Systems


Through the process of annealing or heat treatment, specific materials can be modified for later use in waste management and recycling processes.


We have previously used heat treatment for pallets. The annealing systems work in tandem with our heating and humidification control valves and alu-steel heating coils to provide the ideal heating conditions for the kiln dryer.


Our firewood kiln dryers are ideal for quickly drying hardwood and softwood timber.


As a fully customizable timber drying kiln system, we allow you to specify the fan speed and heater battery size to determine the appropriate speed to dry your materials.

Dust Systems

For a professionally installed firewood kiln dryer in your dust extraction system, contact Dust Systems


What is annealing?

Annealing, also known as heat treatment, is the process by which heat is applied to materials prior to a further process such as waste management.

What kind of materials do you place inside the kiln dryers?

The kiln dryers are ideal for fast drying of softwood and hardwood timber.

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