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Dust Systems

For professional and trustworthy noise control solutions as part of a dust extraction system, contact Dust Systems

Dust Systems


Noise control is a key element of all the dust extraction systems we design. We make sure that all systems we install produce the minimum amount of sound when functioning, without comprising the smooth operation of the system.


All of our noise control solutions are tailored to suit the precise noise requirements and objectives of the customer.

Dust Systems

For industry-standard noise control solutions, contact Dust Systems


We have previously installed acoustic baffles at premises throughout the United Kingdom and Ireland, such as laboratories and manufacturing plants.


Acoustic baffles are highly effective at absorbing sound, greatly suppressing it before it escapes your building.

BS 5228

We make sure all of our noise control solutions are compliant with national standards, such as British Standards BS 5228.


This code of practice refers to the need for protection against loud noises and vibrations for those working on manufacturing sites as well as those in the surrounding areas.

Dust Systems

For more information on British Standards BS 5228, contact Dust Systems


What is BS 5228?

British Standards BS 5228 is the code of practice for noise control on construction and manufacturing sites to protect those working and living in the area against loud noises and vibrations.

What noise control solutions do you implement?

Previous noise control solutions include acoustic baffles.

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