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Dust Systems

For dust extraction systems that feature spray booths, contact Dust Systems

Dust Systems


Dust Systems in the UK provides spray booths for our dust extraction systems. These spray booths are intended to extract all vapour and dust debris left behind following a dust extraction process.


The previous spray booths we have installed are highly durable, and made from the same high-quality materials seen in the other components of our dust extraction systems.

Dust Systems

For professionally installed spray booths, contact Dust Systems


We supply ducting for all kinds of business premises.


The ducting we install is flexible and modular pipework that is perfect for extracting and transporting dust, debris, vapour and other elements to different locations so that they can be disposed of effectively.


Air makeup units installed by Dust Systems are built to a high professional standard and have been implemented throughout the United Kingdom in various woodworking plants, joineries and more.


Our air makeup units replace the air in an environment that may have been contaminated by vapour or dust with clean fresh air.

Dust Systems

For more information about our air makeup units, contact Dust Systems


What is an air makeup unit?

An air makeup unit is an HVAC solution that replaces contaminated air with fresh air.

What types of spray booths do you install?

We install extremely durable and long-lasting spray booths and ducting for commercial customers in the United Kingdom.

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