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Dust Systems

For durable high-temperature gas filters, contact Dust Systems

Dust Systems


Our dust extraction systems come fitted with high-temperature gas filters that protect your system and the people working around it.


Our high-temperature filters can be seen in our biomass boilers, kiln dryers, wood chippers and more.

Dust Systems

For high-temperature filters that keep you and your employees safe, contact Dust Systems


Our flue gas filters work alongside our hot gas filtration systems by aiming to reduce the number of pollutants released during high-intensity waste disposal processes.


These flue gas filters work excellently in tandem with our biomass boilers, letting you use a sustainable and eco-friendly heating source stress-free.


The high temperature gas filters manufactured by Dust Systems are perfect for maintaining sustainable temperature through efficient hot gas filtration.


Our filters can withstand up to 1000 degrees celsius, and are ideal for biomass or any gas that may spark.


The high temperature durability is due to the ceramic filters we use, which are extremely durable and featured in other components of our dust extraction systems.

Dust Systems

For hot gas filtration that can handle temperatures of up to 1000 degrees celsius, contact Dust Systems


How durable are your high temperature gas filters?

Our gas filters can withstand up to 1000 degrees celsius thanks to our ceramic filters.

What is a flue gas filter?

A flue gas filter helps reduce the number of pollutants during a period of intense waste disposal processes.

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